msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named '(null)'.
msPOSTGISLayerOpen(): Query error. couldnt make connection to DB with connect string 'dbname='GeoSDA' host=GeoSDA.pgsql.procergs.reders port=5432 user='GeoSDA' password='asd!@dsa''.
Error reported was 'FATAL: database "GeoSDA" does not exist '.
This error occured when trying to make a connection to the specified postgresql server.
Most commonly this is caused by
(1) incorrect connection string
(2) you didnt specify a 'user=...' in your connection string
(3) the postmaster (postgresql server) isnt running
(4) you are not allowing TCP/IP connection to the postmaster
(5) your postmaster is not running on the correct port - if its not on 5432 you must specify a 'port=...'
(6) the security on your system does not allow the webserver (usually user 'nobody') to make socket connections to the postmaster
(7) you forgot to specify a 'host=...' if the postmaster is on a different machine
(8) you made a typo